The Last One to Fall EP

by Burning Shadows

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After the triumph of Gather, Darkness! in 2012, it was decided that we must improve the recording hardware at The Halls of Glory in preparation for the third full-length album in order to fully capture the power of our newest songs. In January 2013, the studio was upgraded and it was the time to stress test the new setup. We, of course, went all out and recorded 18 tracks “live” in the studio. Our setup was modified for the purposes of the recording: amp simulators were used for the guitars, Tom was trapped in the vocal chamber, and bass, solos, harmonies, and additional vocals were added after the initial tracking was complete. This process took quite a while with all the goings on in the meantime: shows, festivals, a minitour, the departure of bassist Chris Dagenhart, the return of Aaron El-Zeftawy, and finally, the tracking of the third full length album. We decided to release some of the best tracks from our recording session to replace our now sold-out Oathbreaker EP. We included two new tracks, “The Last One to Fall” and “Southwind,” a medley of “A Thousand Lies” from Gather, Darkness!, one of our favorite songs from the debut Into the Primordial “New Dawn Arise” and a cover of a song by the Kings of Metal: Manowar! Enjoy this EP while we continue to forge our next album! Keep it true! Keep it Metal!


released November 12, 2013

Tom Davy - Lead Vocals
Tim Regan - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Greg Jones - Lead Guitar, Vocals
David Spencer - Drums

Choir: Tom Dave, Tim Regan, Greg Jones, David Spencer, Chris Dagenhart, Matt Regan, Doug Miller



all rights reserved


Burning Shadows Columbia, Maryland

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Track Name: The Last One to Fall
Born was he of mothers nine
Raised was he on solar fire
The bridge to the heavens where he now stands
Splits the realms of gods and man

The crimson fire from depths below
The azure skies where cold winds blow
The emerald depths of eternal seas
To warn the day of the final siege

High above in hallowed skies
The fallen ones with Valkyries ride
See his golden armor shine
His horn shall blow and all shall rise

Gather we all here who fought and died
In the final days, we will stand by his side
Down from the heavens with honor we'll fight
In midwinter's chill, at dawn's first light

On the day of the battle
You will hear his call
Steadfast, triumphant
The last one to fall
The call to arms
The final war
A final breath and not one more

Right here we will stand
At the end of times
Mighty in our wrath
Awaiting the sign
Death foretold to us
In the prophecy
So on we will fight
It's our destiny
Track Name: A Thousand Lies (Medley)
Living our lives in a spiritual prison
Serving a god in his infinite wisdom
Three hundred years from the day we retreated
Might and marauder sublimely defeated

"Why can't you see you are blind?
Your sanity left behind
Treachery without shame
Your sinful mind to blame"

Wretched, barbaric and ignorant beings
Silenced by force and the lies they are feeding
Fearing descent into maddening splendor
New faith created for them to surrender

"No man will heed your words
A dogma quite absurd
You're playing with your life
Headed for endless strife"

Axes grinding, twisting as I see our fate unfold
Devilry and insolence for centuries untold

"Power till mankind's fall
Within these ivory walls
Our reign will be undone
Beyond the blackened sun
The light of day will pass
Their age has come at last"
Track Name: New Dawn Arise
Spirit born of flame
In ancient mute decay
In solitude we are reborn

Like a winter's eve
So pale and gray it came
While ashes lay upon my grave

Bound forevermore

A new dawn arise
A hope in the dark
Forever reborn
With blood on his hands

This morning journey
A sign of fate
It holds me close
And speaks to me in tongues of fire

Wordless in the dark they preach
Unleashed into the night

A new dawn arise
A hope in the dark
Forever reborn
With blood on his hands

Running and hunting forever it seems
Eluding the castaway
Forging a path for the hope tomorrow
A future gone astray

Glory forsaken for you held the line
A future plain to see
Given to suffer, is this how it ends?
Are we just martyrs of your misery?

A new dawn arise
A hope in the dark
Forever reborn
With blood on his hands
Track Name: Southwind
Outside of time
Ancestral mystery
Fathering Andean crypts and wandering to sea
Swallowed by doldrums to an unknown destiny

We shall take flight
Six netherworlding farers’ history
Our trades are many though our instruments are few
To forge an ancient passage in Tuamotu

Gone with the floods
Our only hope to cross the jungle’s ends
But still with baited breath I know we’ll find a way to run the Devil’s haul

Shore in retreat
As it is with greater horizons on the other side
The sails hoisted and the banners raised up high
Our Equatorial admission drawing nigh
The waves’ conceit
Will surely find a way to turn the tide
Through glaucous chasms with their misting ivory crowns
The coastal epochs clouding up and backing down

On the horizon
Storming the sea
The ocean howling endlessly

Tectonic vengeance
Winds of the east
Tiding the nords to the mark of the beast

Our vessel is wasted
I am drenched to the bone
Ashore with this oaken messiah of stone

Crowning the reef
With eastern spoils for our company
My feet within the sands I gaze upon the stars
Witnessing missionary failures from afar

On high relief
Callao to copra grinning oversea
One hundred suns afield we’ve forged upon the mast
Three score our kin will find them in the looking glass