Gather, Darkness!

by Burning Shadows

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God of shadows
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God of shadows To be honest, that laughter made me a fan of this. Really good Power Metal with an interesting story continuing through the whole album. I promise you, you will, as me, fall for the laughter, but in a good way :) Favorite track: To Ruin & Divide: Man From Myth.
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A thunderous concept album comprised of eleven tracks divided into four distinct sections that tell the story of Gather, Darkness!: In a post-apocalypstic, dystopian future, the Great God’s Hierarchy uses technology to oppress its subjects in a New Dark Age, but the secretive coven of Sathanas possesses its own technology that has the power dismantle the Hierarchy and truly return humanity to the Golden Age.

Gather, Darkness! is a tightly woven work that opens with a full orchestral Overture, immediately plunges into the twisted world of the Hierarchy in A Thousand Lies, then sows the seeds of rebellion in To Ruin & Divide, and ensures Sathanas’s victory in Breaking the Sanctuary. From the ominous grandeur of “Hymn to Sathanas” to the gut-wrenching, bombastic climax of “The Infamous Dawn,” Gather, Darkness! traverses a world fraught with chaos and unrest via a soundtrack of tight harmonies, haunting vocals, and a thunderous rhythm section, invoking at times feelings of fear, wonder, despair, wrath and even hope.


released June 2, 2012

Tom Davy: Lead Vocals
Greg Jones: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tim Regan: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
David Spencer: Drums, Keyboards

Produced by Tim Regan and Burning Shadows.
Recorded January-September 2011 at The Halls of Glory, Jessup, MD, USA.
Engineered by Tim Regan.
Mixed by Kyle Paradis, New Alliance Audio Productions, Boston, MA, USA.
Mastered by Bill Wolf, Wolf Productions, Arlington, VA.
Artworks & CD Layout by Jean-Pascal Fournier.
Gather, Darkness! is based on the novel Gather, Darkness! by Fritz Leiber.
All music by Greg Jones & Burning Shadows except “Hymn to Sathanas” by David Spencer and Greg Jones.
All lyrics by Greg Jones.
Additional Percussion in "Hymn to Sathanas" by Greg Mueller.



all rights reserved


Burning Shadows Columbia, Maryland

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Track Name: A Thousand Lies: A New Dark Age
In a time when darkness was king and man was free
And the commoner pledged himself unto liberty
The baron of flesh and decadence carried us on
To be shackled in freedom until the infamous dawn

Living in vice and lechery, power divine
Yet mute in anger, awaiting a reverent sign
Where sinners reform, wisdom and wrath may reign
A sentient realm where honor and greed are the same

Holy in effigy, wicked in prophecy
Arise the darkness, famine and misery
Halo asunder, blessings are cast aside
For an eternal grasp on our immortal pride

Holy one
A vision in dark as night surrounds him
Dominate and killing blindly
Famine and attrition calling
The seventh seal breaks

Our hearts are full of anguish
And our spirits cold and gray
But the end of graven pestilence
Will see the light of day
With a caustic inquisition
And the burning tides of war
We will crucify the infidels
To be free forever more

A thousand lies constructed this elite society
With the promise of a Golden Age and a free humanity
But the virtue and the valor of this barren prophecy
Will succumb to mass hysteria and our fateful destiny
Track Name: A Thousand Lies: Intra Vires
Living our lives in a spiritual prison
Serving a god in his infinite wisdom
Three hundred years from the day we retreated
Might and marauder sublimely defeated

"Why can’t you see you are blind?
Your sanity left behind
Treachery without shame
Your sinful mind to blame"

Wretched, barbaric and ignorant beings
Silenced by force and the lies they are feeding
Fearing descent into maddening splendor
New faith created for them to surrender

"No man will heed your words
A dogma quite absurd
You’re playing with your life
Headed for endless strife"

Axes grinding, twisting as I see our fate unfold
Devilry and insolence for centuries untold

"Power till mankind’s fall
Within these ivory walls
Our reign will be undone
Beyond the blackened sun
The light of day will pass
Their age has come at last"
Track Name: To Ruin & Divide: The Witchmark
Halo in the dead of night
The sanctuary my guiding light
Streets are dead, the air is black
Archpriest in for the attack
Thirty score and thirty reigns
Won’t undo this endless pain

Witches in the Lord’s domain
Never see the light again
Bound in mortal savagery
Magic, sin and heresy
Shackled in the lie we fight
The council’s blood will spill tonight
Track Name: To Ruin & Divide: Man From Myth
Night, with the darkness falling
Hand of Sathanas reigning down
Upon this coven
Bred in secrecy
To the wrath of God we pledge
Suffering and agony
Blessed by the will to end this tyranny

Death to the Golden Age at hand
To the ones who cast me down
And decree that I shall never see the light
Yet deceptively exact
All your magic and your spells
Aren’t enough to end this ghastly, ill-bred site

Silently awaiting clemency
Abhorrent forms, monumental relics of old
Shapeshifters, blessed once by entropy
Stand frozen in a premonition foretold
Track Name: To Ruin & Divide: Cast Them Down
Centuries of oppression breeding endless servitude
Flesh and blood we’ve given you is shamelessly subdued
Altar of hypocrisy now falling like rain
Imminent this prophecy unfolding once again

Clouds of smoke consume the sky as fire burns below
Cities crumble, kingdoms fall, a noble seed we sow
For the servants thou hast slain with deadly effigies
I dissipate my vengeance by God’s own decree
Track Name: To Ruin & Divide: Kingdoms Fall
Holy apparitions, immoral tragedies
Seemingly reveal themselves and put their minds at ease
Frequency transmissions, deadly photonic rays
To cast them down, seal their fate and set their lives ablaze

Five for every shadow cast
Five for every stone
Armaments of death’s design
Will seize this hollow throne
Great pangs of heresy
Sathanas is my my name
Summoned to destroy the god
Behind this wall of shame

The time is close at hand
We take the final stand
But in the darkest corners of your jaded mind
You know that I’m a fallen king long left behind
Track Name: Breaking the Sanctuary: Abandonment
Fading away to the distant fields
Ruins of false prophecies
Visions abound of the Golden Age
Given to its destiny
Ninth of the circle won’t deem our fate
Nine whom we trusted in vain
Kingdom of lies now crucified
Only the shadows remain

Blinded by power and greed
Feigning ascent to the throne
Last in the line to be free
Brandishing powers unknown
Baron of flesh I foresee
One in a million would find
Lost in a great travesty
Foraging under your minds

Order projected into my mind
Hallucinations above
Sent at all costs to defend his name
Guard it with undying love
Here in the temple I found the truth
The imminent future they seek
Reveal atrocities from within
Burden and suffer the weak

Severed and hopelessly frail
Breaking the Sanctuary
Ages of old will prevail
Curse of the Hierarchy
Under the repulsor dome
God of the Stygian crusade
Commoners silently roam
Seeking a kingdom betrayed

Fallen from grace to his home again
Upon your plan I’ve exacted vengeance
Track Name: Breaking the Sanctuary: To Assent the Fall
It was my darkest hour, in misery unknown
I pledged to see these maddening illusions overthrown
With heresy amongst us, the plan will never fail
The virtue and the valor of our wisdom will prevail

At times I’ve felt the burden of darkness on my side
A coven mad with power set to ruin and divide
For though their will is strong, and force unparalleled
Their savagery will see this creed of tyranny upheld
Truth in this madness, a power to behold
The pawns in this game of Sathanas now unfold
A scepter in the heart of God we knew would set us free
Is but another human curse within this entropy

I’m the way through the dark
I am destiny
On through the circles I ride
Saving man from man
Heaven’s reflection in me
Wicked in prophecy
Coven of earthly demise
The blood is on your hands
Track Name: Breaking the Sanctuary: The Infamous Dawn
Now the path that you have chosen
It was never meant to be
So I claim this world for reason and its rightful destiny
For the burden lies upon me to bestow our suffering
On the orderly projections of this ill-begotten king

For this might and this marauder, it seems to me in vain
To believe your wretched dogma and the centuries of pain
And your weapons and your witchery, they are but quite absurd
As the words you all have spoken now reveal a voice unheard

The pangs of reconstruction for he who so denies
Time’s solemn warning that a new dawn will arise
Archpriests and commoners, we are all but men
Toiling in fields that we can’t comprehend

Fighting our fears in the sky
Wasted, a dark battle cry
Ages decreeing your soul’s agony