Oathbreaker EP

by Burning Shadows

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The Oathbreaker EP features five songs: an exclusive release of the new tale, entitled “Oathbreaker,” and four completely remixed and remastered tracks from 2008’s Into the Primordial, each with new vocal performances and arrangements by Tom Davy. “Oathbreaker,” featuring session drums by former DragonHeart/DragonForce drummer Peter Hunt, recounts the legend of the Dead Men of Dunharrow, cursed to remain deathless for failing to uphold their word to fight alongside their brethren. The disc immediately then dives into familiar territory: the pounding “Second Son,” the epic “Supernatural Warfare,” and dynamic “Whisper Suffering,” all important fixtures in the band’s history.

The disc was recorded at BURNING SHADOWS’ home studio, The Halls of Glory, with the exception of Peter Hunt’s drum tracks, which traveled across the world from Sydney, Australia to be on this release.


released September 30, 2010

Tom Davy - Lead Vocals
Tim Regan - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals (3, 4), Bass (1, 4)
Greg Jones - Lead Guitar, Vocals (2, 5)
David Spencer - Drums (2-4), Keys (5)
Aaron El-Zeftawy - Bass (2, 3, 5)
Alex Rudinger - Drums (5)
Peter Hunt - Drums (1)



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Burning Shadows Columbia, Maryland

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Track Name: Oathbreaker
Sworn here, in darkened haze
In the shadow of the stone
We pledge to you on this day
Allegiance to the throne
We fight till death at your command
As long as we draw breath
Riding fast, on to war
Lest rest we not by death

So the oath was sworn by men
Who would lay down their lives
The call to arms, fight and die
War before their eyes
To bring the final days
To the darkest of the lords
The last alliance made
They drew not a sword

Cursed to remain
(Haunted by the broken oath)
The oath betrayed
(Prophets cry the day will come)
Cursed to remain
(The rightful heir will soon command)
The oath betrayed
(This treachery will be undone)

Damned they are eternally
By the king in victory
No peace they’ll find
No rest their souls will ever see
Until their words, the sacred oath
They broke in treachery
Have come to pass, the oath fulfilled
To his coming legacy
Track Name: Second Son
Conceived in battle to appropriate the throne
In realms of endless sorrow
Maddening reign
Slain in captivity to foreign realms unknown
A burst ascending from below, the first is born again

Summoning the night
Wrapped in iron chains
Heathens riding across the sky to guide the shadows home

Night, glorious night
The holiest fight
The legacy of the chosen one
Honor and pride
On mountains we rise
The legacy of the second son

A undulated flame is soaring through the sky
Two-headed beast begot this plague of the king
A twisted figure clad in gold and laced with blood and bred for war
His labyrinth descending on the enemy

Marching to their fate
Scourge of hate arise
Inquisition gates have opened
Calling out my name

Wretched voices in the dark
Hear them calling
Through seven reigns upon this long-forsaken throne
Far beyond the storm
They will abide by the father of all lies
Just another fallen son
Now he rises
Through the ashes of a noble ruler
Vengeance lies within
They will be bound forever more
Track Name: Supernatural Warfare
Under a spell of regressive unease
Struggle to gather what my mind decrees
Scattered about are these visions of mine
With tidings of war, and the ghastly ill signs

Men of deception creating the ultimate divine
Creed and corruption dancing with fate as they entwine

Standing alone here in search of the key
To fortunes we’d hitherto never foresee
A price for the living of lives so in vain
That yearn for the threshold of pleasure and pain

Shattered and lifeless disfiguring everything I see
Screams of redemption, bleeding into a misery
Where the twisted one dwells casting archaic spells unto me

Just once in time I failed to see
The flash of darkness in your eyes
That shed my blindness away
To manifest within mankind

A ceremony of infernal might
Paints your hollow prophecies with fire!

Our life continues
A futile waste of man
Bereft of all progression
Never to understand
So the moral chains of existence
Are sealed to well within
Quest for darkness continues
Death of man begins

And slowly we fade into the edges of time

Cold, shattered and grim
Crossing the plain
Black is the air
With silence insane
Eyes peer through the mist
Seeing the light
Stricken with fear entranced buy the sight

Child, follow me now
Into my home
Dismal and bleak
This kingdom I roam
There, over the hills
Lies the abyss
There you will find
Solace and bliss
Track Name: Whisper Suffering
I live in a sorrow too deep for me
What has befallen me?
Nightspirit came to embrace my soul
The sun has betrayed me, defiled by cruelty
What has brought thee rivers
Greets me with thunderous waves of hate

Shot down, fall from grace
The tears of death undo my face
The warriors will take my life
Betrayal won’t remove the knife

Now avenge my living, a living too cold for me
The end will greet me
Darkest cloud has come to possess my soul
It was all so innocent, children of the savior
But the angel’s inferno is all the earth can understand
Where did we go wrong?
The madness in our veins is growing stronger
It’s not enough for us to pray
I hope you see it now, that heaven is condemned
And I, I whisper suffering, and bid this world a cold farewell again